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Apple picking: People walking while talking on iPhone getting smartphones snagged from hands. Read the story on:

It's called Apple picking. A play on words because iPhone users are often the target of thieves. It is happening in cities around the country and on college campuses as well.

Mobile Security

Our Tips for Mobile Device Security

By Paul Sems & David Sems

These little devices play a big role in our lives. They can contain personal contacts, account numbers, Social Media accounts, etc. The thief is not only after the device - which can be lucrative, but also the personal information on the devices.

Here are some tips to prepare for and keep you mobile digital life safe.

Steps to Take BeforeYour Phone Is Stolen

Preparation is key to recovering your phone quickly, but these technqiues and tips are not a 100% guarantee that your phone won't be stolen or that you'll get the phone back. The will however give you a fighting chance against the thief. The current technology available if installed on your phone MIGHTbe able to get your phone back.

Loss Prevention Tips:

  1. Use a PIN to lock your phone. If you phone is stolen, this may make it more difficult for criminals to get access to your personal information.
    1. For Apple products, follow this guide: Secure Your iPhone
    2. For Androidproducts, follow this guide: Secure Your Android
  2. Install and Setup a Phone Locator Application:
  3. Ensure that your data is backed up:
    1. For Apple products, follow this guide: Apple Backup Guide
    2. For Android product, use of the following solutions: Android Backup Tools
  4. Be aware of your surroundings– it is important to not get distracted while using your phone. Be aware of the people around you. As we use our smartphones, we may not be as aware of our surroundings, so take extra precautions when using your phone.
  5. Keep your phone hidden and out of sight – Use a Bluetooth or wired headset so that you phone can be put away in a pocket. This will reduce the temptation to grab your phone while you are using it.

Steps to Take AfterYour Phone is Stolen

  1. File a Police Report– This step will ensure that the crime is documented. It will also help the police locate you if the phone is recovered . Never try recover it yourself!
  2. Notify Your Employer– If it is a company owned phone, your employer may want to have them on the phone with you while you are filing the police report. Some IT teams may be able to lock the phone down and wipe sensitive data or help the police track it.
  3. Change Your Passwords– Change your iTunes or Android Play password. This will prevent the thief from purchasing apps.
  4. Contact Your Mobile Phone Provider– They may request that you have a police report filed. (See Step 1). They can lock your phone, track it and also ensure that you will not be stuck paying for any fraudulent charges. They can also work on getting you a replacement.
  5. Track Your Phone& Delete the Data from it – This will be possible if you have used the steps outline above. Never try recover it yourself!If you do locate the phone, contact the police, reference the police report number and have them recover it. Attempting to recover it yourself will put you in a very dangerous situation. If it is a company phone, your IT team may be able to delete the data phone remotely. Your mobile phone provider can also do this and you may be able to by using the mobile phone app that you installed earlier. This is another good reason to ensure that you have a backup of your phone.

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