Investigation Services

Investigation Support

We Can Help

Have a complex accounting matter that involves technology? Are you looking for an expert in the field that knows the hurdles of both technology and the business environment? Sems & Associates has over 15 years of experience dealing with the business and technology aspects of litigation and investigations.

Data Analytics

Find the “needle in the haystack”

We provide services that enhance and support traditional accounting firms. We not only help you get the data, but we also help you understand it. We help clients by finding the “needle in the haystack”. Using techniques including fuzzy string matching, link analysis, and text mining, we discover patterns and anomalies in huge sets of disparate data that can be used to identify high-risk, non-obvious or suspicious activities. One of our special areas of focus is procurement analysis.

Computer forensics

Locating the Bits that Byte

We use a controlled and documented analytical methodology to identify, collect, preserve and examine digital information. Our computer forensics team is fully committed to providing quality accurate services. We help find the “Bits that Bite”. We have experience with performing forensic analytics on digital media of all sizes from hard drives to mobile phones.

eDiscovery Services

Help You Tell A Story

Today’s global marketplace has generated volumes of data within the normal course of business. Millions of e-mails, instant messages, letters, spreadsheets and presentations are created, transmitted and stored across the world each and every day, with each file becoming potential discovery data within litigation and investigations. Budgets, however, have not grown in similar proportion and legal technology has become increasingly complex. Sems+Associates provide innovative solutions designed to streamline the electronic discovery process for legal teams. We leverage automation and cloud-based technology to provide high quality electronic discovery services at a fair, affordable price to law firms, corporations and vendors of all sizes. Why not optimize your time and cost savings with one of our solutions?

Consulting Services

Managed Services

Keeping You Connected to IT

We keep your servers running and up to date 24x7. No more worrying about if that latest virus or bug is going to impact your business. We watch out for and fix the computer problems that frustrate you and your users - even before you know they exists!

Digital Signage

Get your message across

We help create custom digitial sinage solutions that help companies get corporate messages, such as health & safety items, news, and so forth to their employees. We also can integrate and pull data from your existing business systems.

Outsourced Staff

Filling in to help your success

There are many challenges facing todays IT groups. One of the biggest problems is finding the right people for the right project. That's where we can help. We've helped our clients find the exact human resources when the financial or time resources might be at a premium. With these services we find, hire and deploy the right personnel to work under your direction. We've deployed staff on a project, multi-month or annual basis. We provide flexibility to meet your needs and fill the gaps in your IT service offerings.

Custom Solutions

Yeah. We do that!

We develop unique software solutions that meet specific needs of specific clients. Often we can automation processes that use to take multiple people and multiple hours and convert them into an automated background process for instant results.